Helping Homeless "Campers"

Shepherd of the Gulf is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to homeless campers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Staffed by volunteers, our main goals are:

  • Provide emergency shelter (tents and sleeping bags) and respond to other emergency requests (medical, etc.)
  • Provide food and camping supplies during holidays and throughout the year as available
  • Provide guidance on the resources that are available in the area (soup kitchens, veterans housing, etc.)

Board of Directors


Memorial Service for two Campers
April 7, 2018   -   2:00 pm, Biloxi, MS
Recently deceased long-time campmates
Dennis Lanter (left) and Dwain McGaha (right) with friend Joey (center)

Dwain was a Navy Veteran
Dennis did contracting work for the military (Waco disaster)

Both were very patriotic and marked the entrance to their camp with a small American Flag
Both suffered with PTSD
Service will be held at their campsite near the railroad track on Irish Hill
Following the service will be a time of fellowship at the Church of Christ around the corner on Rodenburg

Contact Lynda Favre (228) 229-8980 to donate or participate
Needs include flowers, food and beverage

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