Jesus was homeless ...

"Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head"    

​Luke 9:58
Lynda Favre, Founder and Director

As a child Lynda experienced homelessness and had a kind-hearted father who often brought hobos home for a hot meal and a shower.

Lynda formed Shepherd of the Gulf as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2010, and has worked tirelessly ever since to provide compassionate care to homeless campers. 
 Campers help one another

     Gary (left) of Gulfport helps fellow campers by
     determining their equipment needs and distributing
     donated items to them. Gary also represents
     the community by serving on the Board of Directors. 
     Jeri (right) of Biloxi helps by patching their wounds,
     finding safety for women who are alone and frightened, and by counseling victims of abuse.


Shepherd of the Gulf has educated and inspired the coastal community,  and has recieved awards both nationally and locally. The organization is grateful to God, to the media, and to our wonderful donors and supporters.

      What we do:

  • We provide emergency shelter in the form of tents and sleeping bags.
  • We carry equipment, supplies, and food into the woods where the campers live, while respecting their need for privacy.
  • Many campers have pets for companionship. They will share their meager food, and stay out in the cold rather than abandon their pets for a shelter. We help with that.
  •  We host special events to provide a meal, clothing and other supplies, while volunteers provide music and fellowship. Events include “Thanksgiving in the Woods”, “Campers’ Christmas”, and “Picnic in the Park”.  
  • As the need arises, we attend funerals, provide courtroom support, fill out paperwork, help with transportation, help veterans obtain housing, and find safety for women and children.

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